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    "There's got to be just more to it than this or tell me why do we exist
    I'd like to think that when I die I'd get a chance another time
    And to return and live again, reincarnate, play the game
    Again and again and again and again..."

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    Seit Oktober 2002 (erste Anfänge schon seit 1998) existiert unsere Community bereits und somit sind wir das älteste deutschsprachige Iron Maiden Forum im World Wide Web. Angefangen hat alles auf dem alten Webspace 210833.homepagemodules.de (einst unter aceshigh.de zu erreichen). Veraltete Forensoftware und begrenzte Datenkapazität machten es erforderlich, die Location zu wechseln, was im August 2011 geschehen ist. Unzählige User kamen und gingen mit der Zeit und einige Urgesteine sind immer noch vertreten. Neben Themen, die sich ausschließlich um Iron Maiden drehen, ist in unserem Forum auch Platz für viele andere Themen wie Rock und Metal allgemein, Multimedia und Off-Topic Diskussionen. Es gibt nichts, was nicht diskutiert werden kann! Alle Iron Maiden Fans und Interessierte sind herzlich eingeladen, sich am Forenleben zu beteiligen, News und Meinungen auszutauschen, zu streiten, Freundschaften zu schließen, ihren Horizont zu erweitern und sich bei Konzerten kennen zu lernen.

    In diesem Sinne: Viel Spaß und lasst die Tasten glühen und


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    Iron Maiden - Nights of the Dead - Live in Mexico City *Nov.2020*

    Parlophone Records (BMG in the USA) are pleased to announce the release of IRON MAIDEN’s new double live album on November 20th worldwide. Containing over 100 minutes of classic Maiden music and available in multiple formats, Nights Of The Dead, Legacy Of The Beast: Live in Mexico City was recorded during the band’s three sold out arena shows there in September 2019 and is a celebration of their Legacy Of The Beast World Tour which began in 2018 and will finish next Summer in Europe.

    The tracklisting is:

    Churchill’s Speech

    Aces High

    Where Eagles Dare

    2 Minutes To Midnight

    The Clansman

    The Trooper


    For The Greater Good Of God

    The Wicker Man

    Sign Of The Cross

    Flight Of Icarus

    Fear Of The Dark

    Iron Maiden

    The Number Of The Beast

    The Evil That Men Do

    Hallowed Be Thy Name

    Run To The Hills

    Steve Harris comments,

    “When the final leg of our 2020 Legacy tour this summer had to be cancelled due to the COVID pandemic, the whole band was very disappointed and deflated and we know our fans felt the same. We’d been really looking forward to bringing the show to even more countries and although we’ve been able to reschedule most of our European own-shows for 2021, we thought we’d take a listen to the recordings from the tour so far and see if we could create a definitive live album souvenir that everyone, everywhere could enjoy. I’m very pleased with the results, especially as this set list includes songs which have never made it to a live CD before, such as For The Greater Good Of God, and other older songs like Where Eagles Dare, Flight Of Icarus, The Clansman and Sign Of The Cross which haven’t been included in our live set releases for many years.

    We’ve never released a live album from Mexico before and I think this recording does justice to the passion and joy of our Mexican fans who always give us such a fantastic welcome whenever we play there.”

    Rod Smallwood adds,

    “All the shows on the tour so far have been amazing and our fans have loved the whole Legacy extravaganza with the elaborately themed stages, props and drapes, not to mention the killer set-list! When our 2020 tour got cancelled, putting together a live album seemed the obvious thing to do and I think Steve, along with co-producer Tony Newton, has perfectly captured the essence of the 70,000-strong crowd across these three nights in Mexico City. The album serves both as a celebration of this tour, which almost two million fans have already seen, and as a taster for, hopefully, next year’s final run for anyone who hasn’t yet experienced the show.”

    The album will be available in these formats:

    Digipak 2CD

    Deluxe hardcase book 2CD

    Triple black heavyweight vinyl

    Limited edition heavyweight 180g Mexican Flag triple coloured vinyl

    Digital (streaming and download)


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